This Blog or website does not host any of these photos. We merely provide you links to the hottest pix in the world. This blog is a pure entertainment and fun blog and does not intend to defame or hurt anyone. It’s sole purpose is some clean, adult fun, humour and entertainment. If you are below the age of 18 or likely to be offended by adult content or do not wish to watch steamy images of women, we request you to immediately close your browser and do not proceed any further. By proceeding further to the content in the individual posts or pages, OR CLICKING ON THE TEXT OR LINKS MARKED IN RED, you agree and accept that you are an adult and have consciously chosen to watch funny or adult or humorous or objectionable content for your own amusement.
The photographs published herein are either sent to us by the model or her representative or an agency or co-ordinator. We only publish photographs which are either sent to us for publication or promotion by the model or her representative or have already been published on a public forum like Facebook or Pbase or are available in Public Domain. We WILL NOT REMOVE any photographs which are already in public domain. Crazee Pics is a non commercial blog only. If you have published photographs on a public forum like Facebook or any other site before, please do not ask us to remove them later on. All photographs on this page and post are the individual property and copyright of the respective and concerned photographers, websites, publications and/or models or their agencies. Some of these photos could be digitally altered or fakes. We do not vouch for the veracity or authenticity of any of the photographs on this post. Content Aggregation is a partly automatic process and tags and captions are generated automatically depending on viewer search preferences. As a news content agency we have reproduced these photographs from the public domain, merely for the benefit of our readers. Crazee Pics does not offer any paid downloads and is a non-commercial entertainment blog. The posts and images published herein are for entertainment/general reading only and not intended to hurt or harm any individual or brand or product or organization.

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